North Dakota Reading Association

Merit Award 

Print off the following form to keep track of the Merit Award requirements.


Send or email form to:  Tina Pletan  806 N. Washington Street Bismarck ND 58501 or


2017 – 2018

All of the following 12 items are REQUIRED to receive the MERIT Award

  1. Submit the names and addresses of council officers for 2017-18 to the state and IRA coordinator by April 1, 2018 or within 7 days of the local council elections.
  2. Submit the names of two local council leaders in attendance at the NDRA June or August Summer Leadership Conference or Meeting by Oct. 1st
  3. Submit a copy of local council’s brochure by Oct. 1st
  4. Assist with membership sign up via website. Membership chair can facilitate guidance to building representatives and/or potential members. Submit ease of use survey at fall NDRA board meeting
  5. Submit a written description of local council’s membership promotion program by Nov. 1st
  6. Submit at least one research, teacher education, or “best practice” article to the Prairie Reader by March 15
  7. Review Council bylaws and review council handbooks and submit names of members present by April 1
  8. Submit a copy of your local council budget by Jan. 1
  9. Submit proof that your local council treasurer has filed a 990 for the current council year by Jan. 1
  10. Submit proof of a webpage or social media site that is current,relevant, and contains up-to-date information about activities, opportunities to expand member involvement, and gives potential members access to join by Nov. 15
  11. Fulfill council requirements for posting literacy activities to state website.(see sign up spreadsheet for your selected dates).  This is ongoing with no official due date
  12. Submit name and summary of Celebrate Literacy Award winner AND submit copy including any pictures to to be included in state Celebrate Literacy Award finalists by March 1st

Optional Items- Must complete 3 to receive Merit Award

  1. Submit a list of Building Representatives responsible for promotion of membership and dissemination of local and state information by Oct. 30
  2. Submit calendar of local council program and events by Nov. 30
  3. Increase membership of the previous year - due March 15
  4. Submit evidence that the local council had a minimum of 3 meetings or activities during the year by March 15
  5. Send a copy of at least one article concerning local council activities submitted to the NDRA Prairie Reader by March 15
  6. Submit 5 names of presiders and/or presenters for ILA, NDRA, local council events, or other state events by March 15
  7. Submit to the NDRA Prairie Reader an article describing a local council project for promoting reading by March 15
  8. Submit to the NDRA Prairie Reader an article of a local council project to promote adult literacy by March 15
  9. Submit to the NDRA Prairie Reader an article description of a community service project completed during the year by March 15
  10. Submit a written description on how your council promotes ILA- this is ongoing
  11. Have in attendance a state officer at one of the local council meetings- submit name by March 1
  12. Submit a written description of local council participation plans for a “Newspaper in Education Week” project

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