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02 Jan 2016 12:13 PM | Becky Taylor (Administrator)

The New Year is here and also the chance to reset my reading goals for the year. I have accounts on many sites that allow you to keep track of the books you have read. Today in my email I got a reminder from GoodReads to set my reading goals for the year. I keep track more on Shelfari for that so went in today and set a goal. I am breaking it up into shorter time periods this year. I found that last year I had to set new goals in the middle of the year. I like that I can set them for shorter time periods. Like when I set a goal for summer reading. 

So have you thought about your reading goals for the year? Do you do a certain number of books, or do you following something like what came across my feed from Follett Learning? That you try to read books with certain criteria? Whatever it is remember to keep reading and broadening your reading circle. There are great books out there to discover.

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